Friday, December 7, 2007

Hard Work Pays Off

Dear Spring 08 Students,
I really enjoyed Mrs. Rogers class. She is a great teacher and gives you the opportunity to express your knowledge and creativity in the things you will do in her class. She is very willing to work around everyone's schedule and even though things may seem tuff they can be really fun. The Website is a lot of hard work, but it pays off in the end. We did a Website for Habitat for Humanity and it really gave me a sense of accomplishment when we finished it. Even though my group did not win we still got to participate in the final design. The class is small and you really get to know the people in your class and that is always nice. Then, when you make your individual presentations you will not be so scared! Good luck in her class! Do your work and you will be fine! Have a great Spring Semester!
Your Fellow Student,
Anna Kalinovich


Wow, I can not believe this semester is already over! I have learned so much this past semester I really do not know how my brain retained all the information. I got into my major classes this semester and realized finance was not for me! I changed my major to business management. I went to the career center and took the discover test and it let me in the direction of management. Hopefully, i will enjoy it better. I have three finals to go and I am ready to dominate. It is a must that I pass all of my finals! I currently recieve the lifescholarship and I have to maintain a 3.0, therefore, I have to pass all my classes. Out of all my classes, I really did enjoy my English 304 class the best, not only have I done the best in the class , but we learned how to build a website! That was soo cool, and not only did we just build a Website but we are helping people. I felt good about finishing the Website. Overall, I am glad that this semester is over and I can not wait for Christmas break! I love Christmas it is a nice time to spend with family and regain my brain power haha! I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas! God bless!

Monday, November 12, 2007

They call it the "plays well with others" factor.

After reading the article "Employees Study Applicants Personalities," I almost thought it was a joke. I did not think you could give tests that can discriminate against individuals in the workforce. I feel that the companies that are giving these personality tests are missing out on the ablility that these "bad" people have. Sometimes we have bad days. For example, If I was in a rush heading to my interview and got caught in traffic. It could possiblly affect my personality for that interview but it still does not change my skills that I have. So, I do not believe that these companies should give out personality test because they may miss out on something or someone great!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I was pretty nervous about going into the mock interview. I have an interest in becoming a real estate agent, but I have not currently been involved with much real estate. I hope that this summer I can get an internship within a real estate company. Even though I was nervous I feel that the interview went very well. I believe I came across pretty confident and willing to the job. The interview was not very long, but I have been in a real interview that only took a few minutes. This was interesting to me because I would have always assumed that most interviews would take a long time. Overall, I learned a lot about interviews. I need to dress appropriately, be on time, and have all my materials. I am glad that we had a mock interview, I believe it will prepare me better for future interviews!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I am really excited about this weekend. Not only is there a football game on Saturday but my mom and I are going shopping! I am a shopaholic. It is one of my favorite things to do and I would definitely call it a hobby. It will be nice to spend a day with my mom, too. We do not get to see each other that much because I have been so busy with school. It will be nice bonding time and time to catch up with each others lives. We are going jean shopping. I usually buy my jeans at Buckle in the greenville mall, but I talked my mom into going to some cute boutiques around this area. Jeans at boutiques are usually more expensive so I probably wont be able to get very many if any at all, but it will enjoy shopping in different shops. I have worked hard and lost ten pounds this summer. I am almost back to my highschool weight and I am very excited to drop a size in my jeans. I guess it is a girl thing. Overall, this weekend is going to be busy and fun. I think it will be a nice break to get my mind off of school.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I really enjoyed the last two classes. I feel like I got to know my class mates a lot better. All of the presentations were great, but I really enjoyed Megan's presentation on colors and how they affect your mood. I found it very interesting that red makes you hungry and blue has the opposite effect. I felt that her slides were well designed and flowed well with her presentation. I liked that she used examples to back up her slides such as all the food signs being in red. She also seemed to know a lot about colors and the presentation was well prepared. Even though I do not know that much about colors I felt that her presentation related to me. I realized that there were no natural blue foods and that orange is a good color to have my room painted. This presentation kept my attention the whole time. I think Megan did a great job and I hope everyone likes my presentation as much as I enjoyed hers.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What a week!

This week has been so crazy! I have had several tests and it is extremely frustrating when you do not feel like you are prepared for any of them! It is about mid way through the semester and it is crunch time! It is like now or never. I am finally in my actual finance classes and have begun to realize how hard finance actually is. I guess thats why they say "If college was easy... everyone would do it". I was trying to recoup this weekend and enjoy the football game, but then we lost. It just pretty much sums up on how my week went. It probably should have been expected. I am hoping that I can pull myself together for this week. I am looking forward to the end of the month. Halloween is right around the corner as well as my birthday. My 21st birthday none the less. So hopefully things will be looking up from here.